🧑‍🏫How Callback Points work

How to earn points

The primary way to earn points is by collecting stamps from Callback partner stores in the Callback mobile app. The more stamps you collect, the more points you will earn. In the near future, we will introduce additional methods to earn points, such as referrals, streaks, and social media engagement.

Status tiers (coming soon)

Just like airline status programs, our loyalty system will allow you to rank up as you earn more points. All users begin at the Bronze tier and will be able to progress to Silver and Gold tiers. Each higher tier will unlock additional benefits at our partner stores, such as extra rewards, discounts, and exclusive access to special goods and events.

Partners also earn points

Every time you earn a stamp, the partner store also earns points. This ensures that the partner businesses contributing to the Callback network in its early days gain ownership in the network they help create.

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