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Best practices

Here's some key points we've learned from observing and analyzing how the best brands have used our platform. Have a read through to get the most out of our platform!

Distribute LOTS of items

Items are collectible symbols of participation. They are the building blocks of your community as they allow you to form a bridge between you and your fan/customer. Try distribute items for as many positive contributions to your community as possible. This way, you will be able to build a rich database of fans/customers that you can analyze, reward and engage with accordingly. The more items, the better!

Theme your items

Items are a great opportunity to amplify your brand. Be creative with the item media, title, and description! For example, Lost Yetis (a project about virtual pet Yetis that love to eat rice triangles) give out virtual onigiri (rice triangles) to people that participate in their ecosystem.

Make your rewards relevant

Your collectors should be excited to unlock the rewards you create for them. This requires an understanding of who your collectors are and what they like. By distributing unique items for specific types of participation, you will acquire a rich profile for the users you would like to reward. Use this information to help direct your choice for rewards.

Reward creatively

To get the most out of the rewards feature, try be creative with how you reward. One way to do this is to plug in items from other communities (choose the external option and paste in the contract address when specifying the reward requirements) as requirements for your rewards. By doing this, you can incentivize engagement from specific communities that you think may appreciate your reward and brand.
Last modified 2mo ago