Supply and allocations

The total supply of Shaka Points is 300 million. The allocations are as follows:

  • Early Participants: 200 million points

    • Partner Stores: 100 million points

    • Customers: 100 million points

  • Other Stakeholders: 100 million points

    • Reserved for Callback, investors, and the treasury


Points are issued in a way that rewards early participation. Initially, customers and partner stores will receive 200 points each for collecting or distributing a stamp. As more people join the network and we approach the total point allocation, this reward will decrease. Point issuance is scheduled to end at the end of 2026.


Once the point issuance period concludes at the end of 2026, we anticipate a robust circulation of Shaka points between partner stores and customers. We will regularly evaluate the system to ensure a balanced and sustainable points economy, making adjustments as necessary to address any imbalances. We will also incorporate feedback from point holders into key decisions about the development of the points system.


Shaka Points are fungible tokens on the Polygon blockchain. Currently, Shaka Points are not transferable.

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